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“Purple Carrot” Art Batt
“Purple Carrot” Art Batt
“Purple Carrot” Art Batt

“Purple Carrot” Art Batt

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  • Fiber content: This batt is made of fine merino, silk thrums and angelina.
  • Weight: 3-3.5 oz

Eastern carrots were domesticated in Central Asia, probably in modern-day Iran and Afghanistan in the 10th century, or possibly earlier. Specimens of the eastern carrot that survive to the present day are commonly purple or yellow, and often have branched roots. The purple colour common in these carrots comes from anthocyanin pigments'.

Isn't it hilarious that these carrots were 'domesticated'?? Well, you can domesticate your batt too! All you have to say 'yarn'! and it will turn into a gorgeous superfine yarn ;)