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Twister drop spindle - pastel blue shaft
Twister drop spindle - pastel blue shaft

Twister drop spindle - pastel blue shaft

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'Spindles are such an ancient tool, they figure in many mankind's legends and myths.'
'Plato gives an impressive description of the spindle at the end of the Republic when he compares the axis of the universe to the shaft of a spindle suspended by a hook of adamant, and the revolving starry heavens to a whorl made of eight concentric rims, fitting into one another like boxes.'*

You have the most basic and simple tool to make string! I have to be honest here, I was never enamored of the spindle until a few weeks ago. Being wheel-less (yes!) and desperately wanting to spin some handspun, I gave it a try. Now, I am loving it and always carry one with me with a handful of fiber.

"Twister" the drop spindle
Super fun, portable, colorful spindle for those who just cannot stop spinning! Made from modeling clay with Gold Filled Wire (14k) as hook, twisted in a perfect loop. The shaft come in several primary colors to complement the rainbow whorl!

The spindle is 9" long, rounded on both tips. 1+oz of weight